=DG= Website Updates

Update #2

What a hell of a two weeks it's been.

As some of you may have heard by now, the rumors are true - there was a script kiddy that went around and tried hitting a few Halo sites last week. And yes, our site was targeted. HOWEVER - do not panic, as it looks like the attempt was stopped by our webhost's brute force and anti-fuzzing protection. Unfortunately, there was a website that did get successfully hit. I've been working with a team of people from various clans as well as with authorities in investigating these hacks and hacking attempts. Again, I do want to re-iterate that all of our data is 100% safe and secure. The attempt on our site failed.

Back to upgrade news. Until this issue came up there was a lot of progress being made. Most scripts have been completed, and we were simply finalizing permissions. We did hit an undisclosed "blocker" bug that I'm working on patching with a phpBB Developer... but the worst case scenario is if we finish our "mission-critical" custom scripts before a patch is submitted and approved, we can go back online in a temporarily feature-restricted state.

Also - if anyone within the clan is interested in possibly doing a few extra graphics for the new forum style, please DM me on Discord. If I don't hear from any clan members by Monday October 10th, 2016 - I will open the request to all allied clans and members as well. If you are interested, you must provide a sampling of your ORIGINAL work, using renders.

Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding. Obviously, the past week and a half has been crazy for leadership due to a couple of drama incidents... but as they say, shi - uhh, crap happens.

~ «DG»MyHogs and =DG= Leadership

Update #1

Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our site and our forums. To access our forums, please click here. The forums will currently appear as offline to the General Public.

Anyone with MCP access (Leaders, Commodores, JOs, or anyone in most squads) can login to our forums. Your help in getting things up and running would be greatly appreciated, just contact MyHogs asking what you can do to assist if you can login and if you have some time to spare. No one is obligated to assist, but the more help we have, the sooner we can get up and running.

We hope that when things are ready to go live and public again, it will be a new era for =DG= as a whole. Leadership realizes as the crowd shifts to different games, we must follow it to keep members actively interested. Of course, as always, we will still support our traditional root game of Halo CE. That's not leaving. ;) And, =DG= will remain true to its roots and its history... our ranking system, ways of ranking, events, squads, and everything will remain in place.

We are looking at adding games on top of what we already support, and we also plan to FINALLY get CS:GO off the ground running. These games will be supported in true =DG= fashion, with a ranking system, squads, events and all.

Once again, we thank you for your patience while things get brought up to a modern standard. I promise you, the wait will be well worth it!

~ «DG»MyHogs and =DG= Leadership

We're currently working on a few things with our website, and will be offline for a short period of time.

In the meantime, you can check out our Discord for more information, as well as to communicate with other clan members.

We hope to see you there!

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